There were no serious side effects in the group of patients that used the three creams. Several patients noted minor skin irritation after prolonged use of both therapeutic creams. The symptoms resolved after discontinuing application.


The results of this study indicate that Dr. Harvey’s Orthopedic Herbal Pain Relief Cream gave significant relief of pain and improvement of motion in up to 85% of the patients, which was greater than in the other three categories for acute, chronic, and long term use.


  • For adults seeking relief from acute and chronic pain, Dr. Harvey’s Orthopedic Herbal Pain Relief Cream is the most effective and safest nonprescription alternative to oral NSAIDs and topical analgesics available.

  • Dr. Harvey’s Orthopedic Herbal Pain Relief Cream, developed by an orthopedic surgeon, contains an innovative combination of two highly effective, clinically proven analgesics and six herbal ingredients that deliver deep, long lasting pain relief that is proven more effective than leading topical and ingestible analgesic benchmarks.

  • Dr. Harvey’s Orthopedic Herbal Pain Relief Cream has been shown to safely provide significant pain relief and improved range of motion. It’s pain relieving effect has proven to be superior and longer-lasting than other popular products on the market.