Research Article – Dr. Manes’ P.R.C.- Introduction:

The main stay for treatment for pain and arthritis in the joints and muscles for the past thirty years has been almost exclusively the domain of the NSAIDs. As a result, dozens of drugs in this category were developed during this time. Although these drugs were fraught with serious side effects, they continued to be used. Several years ago, the COX-2 inhibitors were developed and were believed to solve the “side effects" problem of the NSAIDs. However, it was soon discovered that not only did they not eliminate the well known complications but they created a whole new category of side effects, such as cardiovascular events that could lead to death.

During this time there were numerous herbal remedies being developed. Unfortunately the research on these substances was frequently anecdotal, and not taken very seriously by the main stream medical community. Now that the conventional NSAIDs have all been tainted, alternative methods of treating pain and arthritis needed to be developed.

After an extensive review of hundreds of herbal products listed in the homeopathic and conventional medical literature, six of the most effective substances were combined with the only topical NSAIDs proven to relieve pain.

The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of Dr. Harvey’s Pain Reliving Cream pain relieving cream and compare it to:

  1. A top selling topical pain relief cream,
  2. A placebo, and
  3. The most popular oral NSAID on the market.

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Two new herbal sports creams have promising research showing they can ease aches with fewer side effect."Prevention Magazine (2008) Natural Remedy Watch

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