Research Article – Dr. Manes’ P.R.C.– Continued:

Dr. Harvey Manes M.D. was the youngest board-certified orthopedic surgeon in America when he was just 27 years old. Manes remains active from his Lindenhurst, New York office and is one of the oldest orthopedists in the country.

The investigation was conducted as a random double blind placebo- controlled study in two separate centers. There were a total of 80 patients, in each group, ranging in age from 20 – 75 all of whom suffered with painful conditions involving one joint (knee, elbow, shoulder, or ankle), or muscle group (cervical or lumbar).

Patients were randomly picked and divided into four different groups. Those who had other medical problems or who were not considered to be compliant were excluded. Those patients who had more than one area of pain, or were taking other pain remedies or had severe pain (>8.5) were also excluded. The three creams included Dr. Manes’ formula, asper cream/Sports cream, and a placebo cream. The creams used were indistinguishable as to smell, look, and tactile sense. The patient was told to place a small amount of cream in the palm of their hand the size of a nickel and rub the entire amount into the painful area. The fourth group was instructed to take Advil 400 mg. All the patients were told to fill out a questionnaire on an hourly basis for five hours to determine efficiency of treatment. The questionnaire was reviewed by a nurse for accuracy upon presentation.

The questionnaire asked the patient to grade the level of pain and range of motion on a scale of 1-10 using .5 intervals. If a pain score was between 4 and 5, then 4.5 was used.

  1. Initial severity of pain
  2. Level of pain at hourly intervals
  3. Initial range of motion
  4. Range of motion at hourly intervals